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iBantu is here as a solution to your shariah-compliant financial life. With iBantu, you can learn about shariah-compliant transactions anywhere and anytime. At iBantu, we believe that knowledge is capital. As such, we are committed to improve access to higher and quality education

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We pride shariah: Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth for islamic economy.

Amid today’s dynamic opportunities, success relies on the most critical resources – your people and your organisations.

Equipping and strategising your people and your organisations with suitable shariah structures, systems and skills and unleash sustainable performance.

iBantu aspires to be the leading catalyst for the growth of our partners.

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types & advantages of Islamic financial institutions

An Islamic financial institution is a business entity whose activities are in the financial sector guided by shariah principles. Or in other words sourced from the verses …

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Our Insight

Islamic Finance: Definition, Principles, And Products​

Nowadays, the trend of Islamic finance seems to be increasing along with the increasing interest of Indonesian citizens in Islamic financial products and systems itself.

Our Insight

Islamic Capital Market: Definition, History, And Products​

Today the progress of the financial sector is experiencing significant developments. One of the signs of the development of the financial sector in Indonesia …

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islamic capital market

Investing in the capital market is not only about gaining lucrative revenue as much as possible.

islamic banking

Learning Islamic Banking beyond shariah commercial contracts becomes necessary for students, academicians, or bankers

islamic wealth management

Process that involves accumulation, generation, purification, preservation, and distribution of wealth

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Most popular programming language today. Many industrial applications developed using Python