We treat every client as a partner – always ready by your side

Established in 2022, we pride ourselves as a provider for your shariah solutions. As the word “iBantu” means saya-bantu, iBantu is here to learn from your unique context, be it as an individual, organization, or government, to help to translate your strategy into action. Driving the shariah principles as the epitome of our organization’s core spirits, we focus both the head and hearth to unlock your biggest challenges, leveraging insights and data to enable an effective ecosystem, supporting the development of your product, people, culture and leadership.

At iBantu, we strive to be the best for your shariah partner – in Shariah Consulting, Training Academy, Islamic Financial Services and technology partner for Web 3.0 Blockchain Solutions.
iBantu is a specialist in Islamic finance and a technology partner for Web3.0 Blockchain, providing training and consultancy, and solutions to corporations and individuals. Our mission is to make financial services accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic background. By leveraging technology and Islamic finance principles, we are dedicated to supporting individuals, businesses, and organizations in achieving their financial goals. iBantu strive to empower organizations to succeed with innovative Islamic finance solutions.