Unveiling the Future: Managing Assets on the Blockchain

Existing asset management systems face challenges in terms of transparency, efficiency, and accountability. In response to these limitations, blockchain technology emerges as a beacon of innovation, promising to redefine how assets are managed. This bridging introduction sets the stage for an insightful exploration into the deficiencies of current asset management practices and the transformative solutions […]

Rewiring Energy with Green Nodes: Blockchain and Solar Power Integration

Blockchain technology has become a transformative force in various industries, offering transparency, security, and decentralised control. As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions rises, integrating blockchain with solar power and adopting Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanisms emerges as a promising avenue. This innovative approach not only enhances cost efficiency but also contributes to […]

Empowering Palestine’s Future: The Potential of Islamic Microfinance

The ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel continues to evoke deep-seated debates, with questions of who’s right and who’s wrong still in the forefront of discussions. While history reminds us that Palestinians initially welcomed and assisted Israeli refugees in Palestine’s land, today’s reality paints a different picture. Amid this ongoing strife, it is imperative that […]

Rempang Issue: Exploring a Capitalistic Orientation through Ethical Investment and Sharia Perspectives

“The ethical complexities urge us to aspire to a future where investments align with principles of fairness, equity, ESG consideration and sustainable development, acknowledging the rights and welfare of affected communities. Consequently, this perspective differs from the capitalist ideology that champions “The big eats small” or the idea that the powerful dominate the vulnerable.“ A […]

OJK Launches SICANTIKS: Empowering Women in Sharia Financial Literacy

The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) has introduced the SICANTIKS program on September 14, 2023, known as “Sahabat Ibu Cakap Literasi Keuangan Syariah” (Mother’s Friends on Promoting Sharia Financial Literacy). This initiative aims to enhance sharia financial literacy by engaging mothers in their communities. Prominent Attendees The launch event in Bandung on Thursday saw […]

Indonesia Leads the Way in Sovereign Securities 

In the world of sovereign securities, Indonesia has taken center stage in the past week with a flurry of activities. The government has been actively engaging in the sovereign securities market, showcasing its commitment to diversified financing options and Shariah-compliant instruments.  Indonesia’s Cash Waqf-linked Sukuk Series SWR004 The Indonesian government has recently issued its cash […]

“Regulasi ‘Spin Off’ Diklaim Menguatkan Industri Keuangan Syariah”

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) telah mengeluarkan Peraturan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Nomor 11 Tahun 2023 tentang Pemisahan Unit Syariah pada Perusahaan Asuransi dan Perusahaan Reasuransi (POJK 11 Tahun 2023). Pada konferensi asuransi internasional di Jakarta, Indonesia pada awal Juli 2023, peserta percaya bahwa Takaful, yaitu asuransi Syariah, masih memiliki potensi yang belum terealisasi sepenuhnya. Meskipun Indonesia […]

Interest Rate and Inflation, Chicken or Egg? How Islamic Finance Perceives it?

The modern economy is driven by a monetary system where interest rates become an undetachable element of economic trends. Recent cases show that if there is a change in interest rates imposed by a country’s central bank, it has a significant impact on the country’s overall economy. Even other countries’ central banks may have some […]

Is Islamic Finance in Indonesia in line with Climate Change Actions?

Is Islamic Finance in Indonesia in line with the climate change action? If we date back, Islamic Finance emerged 50 years ago in countries with large Muslim populations like Egypt, Gulf Countries and Pakistan. The 50 year trend of Islamic Finance has been increasing across the globe year by year. In 2019, Islamic finance assets […]

Sudahkah Islamic Finance sejalan dengan Climate Change Action?

Perkembangan Islamic Finance di Indonesia mendapatkan perhatian terkait apakah sudah sejalan dengan konsep Sustainable Development Goals (tujuan pembangunan keberlanjutan) atau SDGs terhadap climate change action (aksi perubahan iklim)? Setelah 50 tahun Islamic Finance hadir di dunia industri keuangan global, tren setiap tahunnya cenderung meningkat. Dalam dekade terakhir, keuangan Islam telah menjadi salah satu sektor dengan […]