Indonesia’s Ambitious Plan: A Homegrown Bullion Bank, Managing Gold Reserves and Fostering Economic Growth

Reducing Reliance on Overseas Gold Reserves In a determined move, the Indonesian government reaffirms its commitment to establish a bullion bank by merging two prominent state-owned entities, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) and PT Pegadaian. The primary objective behind this strategic merger is to significantly reduce Indonesia’s reliance on foreign countries, particularly Singapore, for storing its […]

Banking for a Better World: The Ethical Bank Movement

Keyphrase: Banking, Ethical Bank, Better World, Movement In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and demand for a more responsible and sustainable approach to finance. The conventional banking system has existed for almost 400 years today, with its profit-driven motives and questionable practices, has come under scrutiny. This has led to the rise […]

Ethical Banking and Finance: Shaping a Sustainable Future for All

Keyphrase: Ethical banking and finance, Sustainable future In recent years, the concept of ethical finance has gained significant traction worldwide. As concerns about social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and corporate governance have become more prominent, individuals and organizations are increasingly seeking financial institutions that align with their values.  Within the broader framework of ethical finance, ethical […]