Interest Rate and Inflation, Chicken or Egg? How Islamic Finance Perceives it?

The modern economy is driven by a monetary system where interest rates become an undetachable element of economic trends. Recent cases show that if there is a change in interest rates imposed by a country’s central bank, it has a significant impact on the country’s overall economy. Even other countries’ central banks may have some […]

Strengthening the Halal Industry to Support Sustainable Development Goals

The increase in demand for halal products aligns with the prospects of the halal industry toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Industrial Master Plan; 2019-2024 of the Indonesian government indicates the aim of Indonesia to become the world’s leading halal hub. Moreover, in 2021 SDGs investment increased by 70% valued at $371 billion from […]

Is The Sale Of Debt Permissible In Islamic Finance?

Sale Of Debt Permissible In Islamic Finance?

In business, we often hear the terms so-called receivables and payables. Receivable refers to the financial right that a company deserves from other parties. In other words, receivable is a debt of a company or individual to others. Is it permissible from a shariah perspective to trade receivable that represents a kind of debt? Such […]