about us

Established in 2022, we pride ourselves as a provider for your shariah solutions. As the word “iBantu” means saya-bantu, iBantu is here to learn from your unique context, be it as an individual, organization, or government, to help to translate your strategy into action. Driving the shariah principles as the epitome of our organization’s core spirits, we focus both the head and hearth to unlock your biggest challenges, leveraging insights and data to enable an effective ecosystem, supporting the development of your product, people, culture and leadership.

At iBantu, we strive to be the best for your shariah partner – in Shariah Consulting, Training Academy, and Islamic Financial Services.

We treat every client as a partner – always ready by your side.

our commitments

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our commitments

iBantu’s commitments are at the core of our existence and purpose.

We know the best way to make the most significant impact is through collaboration with our Partners. Our various skills and talents can help organizations and governments tackle today’s most urgent challenges. But we are also on an ongoing mission to live up to our own Organization’s commitments:

To provide the best access to obtaining Islamic finance solutions for all stakeholders

To provide world-class sharia training programs through iBantu Academy

To provide an efficient and secure sharia-compliant payment gateway

iBantu’s commitment to advocating and promoting Shariah principles in our day-to-day work help in driving ethical and responsible business practices, building a sustainable and inclusive future, and making a difference in society by empowering our community.

our beliefs

Maintaining a strong culture from our core values is our Beliefs. We anchored them in clear, precise, and frequently communicated values with all our stakeholders. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, business conduct, and company principles, and every employee is expected to uphold these standards. This is at the heart of what makes iBantu a market leader.

our core values

Our company’s core values are derived from Rasulullah SAW’s character as a role model for the Islamic ummah and as a reminder to keep walking on the right track according to the shariah. Namely Siddiq (Integrity), Amanah (responsible), Tabligh (To reach out), and Fatonah (intelligence).


Is an expression of courage, accountability, and consistency in our actions, values, methods, and standards


Their capacity and desire for growth and inclusivity


Clients come first – we measure our success
by our client’s success

to reach out

Valued Delivered – in the form of tangible, positive, impactful,
and lasting change

our initiative

Kampung 13 Ulu, Bantaran Sungai Musi, Palembang, Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia

Sembako Untuk Saudaraku

Kegiatan iBantu dalam menyalurkan bantuan untuk saudara – saudara kita yang memerlukan.